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Chainalysis wants to uncover crimes in the Bitcoin Protocol

db6639545fac4cb70e7a61a4ed7c4e6a - Chainalysis wants to uncover crimes in the Bitcoin Protocol

Chainalysis, a security company, which questions, among other things, on safety in and around the Blockchain is specialized, has apparently found ways to do illegal activities on the Blockchain. By the application of a forensic procedure, you want to come across the Hash Keys to the identity behind the “suspicious” Accounts.

You want to criticize Bitcoin and the world of crypto-currencies, is fast the handle in the cliché box. Bitcoin supports money laundering, finances terrorist organizations, and also other illegal activities. The supposed anonymity, which suggests Bitcoin is here, however, is often misleading. Finally, it is a pseudonymous System, this is by no means unassailable. As it stands now, in this connection, the reversal of the trend: The System can be used against itself.

Because, as a recent report from Fortune suggests now, can help the Bitcoin Blockchain now a crime to uncover. So, it was “suspicious Accounts” that one could uncover. The Blockchain security company Chainalysis has apparently developed a method to criminal activity on the Blockchain to track.

Chainalysis tracks the alpha-numeric Hash Keys and compares them with “suspicious” Accounts. On this basis, the prosecution can go online in search of clues and in the “best” case, the real Person behind the account track.

Chainalysis already celebrated successes

Chainalysis contributed already in 2015 to discover corrupt FBI agents. In the legendary case of Silk Road, two agents of Bitcoin were stolen, and thus indirectly to the income of the DarkNet black market, enriching, and had helped Bitcoin, among other things, to the popularity.

Michael Gronager, CEO of Chainalysis, said that in the case of privacy-oriented cryptography, such as ZCash or Monero already significantly harder currencies, this track.

Complete anonymity, however, is given in the case of crypto-currencies is rare. If you should be careful to preserve this and it is not my opposite party in order to be so serious, is de-cloaking.

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