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Calypso Rose: twerken on your 78 th

The ouderdomsdeken of Couleur Café this year was a woman of 78, coming from the tiny but musical oh so influential of the Caribbean island of Tobago. There was middle of last century, calypso created a style of music that is the basis of nearly all the summer dance rhythms that nowadays the charts dominate. Calypso Rose was the first real female ‘calypsonian’, and made in that capacity, perhaps the first song about a gender difference ever. Her hit “No madame” resulted in a change in the law in favour of to than exploited maids. So important was the music of the queen of the calypso, how upbeat and catchy that sounds.

Calypso Rose has three times the cancer overcome and made in 2015, an unexpected comeback under the wings of Manu Chao. Today she stands on the stage with an excellent band, including choir and wind instruments. Her voice sounds yet always full and strong, and on the Green Stage took them also to some static dance steps. If we knew what salt fish was. Heu, salty fish? Rose grabs himself in the crotch. ‘So, men, be sure the mouth wash!’

A moment later onblootte her wrinkled belly, and demonstrated how you 78you yet **** twerken. Sex, humor, (‘Leave me alone’ was dedicated to Donald Trump), and self-aggrandizement are part of it in this genre. But also the connection with the African ancestors is important. It all comes to bid in an irresistible, highly danceable songs of Calypso Rose, the self-proclaimed Queen of Belgium, which concluded with an acoustic version of ‘Rivers of Babylon’. Yes, a hit by Boney M but in the first instance.biblical song of consolation for whole generations of displaced Africans. And one of the classics in reggae, a genre that is heavily indebted to calypso. A lovely concert with a rich historical story.

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