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Austria: The case of Optioment and new regulation efforts

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The Austrian financial market authority makes for a stronger regulation of crypto-currencies and ICOs. Helmut Ettl, CEO and Chairman of the financial market Supervisory authority, language, among others, of fraudulent intentions in the crypto-Ecosystem, where they wanted to. A Prime example of such fraudulent intentions, the case Optioment.

The case “Optioment” employees since the beginning of the year, especially the Austrian Bitcoin scene. More than 10,000 people have lost up to 12,000 Bitcoin, we reported. In search of the perpetrators went so far, Interpol turn on and the mug in order to the whole of Europe spread out.

The three Optioment-Musketeers

Optioment promised up to four per cent weekly return to ensure that you put on its Bitcoins. The Bitcoins were later disappeared as well as the alleged behind men, which could not be made until today. In the course of which the Prosecutor’s office was investigating a total of seven people convicted of business fraud. Only four people have managed the distribution network in Austria, could be identified. A low-Austrians and two brothers from the province of Styria, called the “three Optioment-Musketeers”, who met regularly with a contact man, his character Tyrolean,. This is considered to be a key figure. As contact man, he is supposed to have drivers for the (apparently clueless) Optioment-Musketeers with the “wire”, the Danes, Lucas, M. and Letts, Alex P. connected.

The “long business trip”

If the latter exist, however, or whether they are the same as the promised yields a dizziness, is not backed up now. Finally, the key figure reported in April: He is currently on a “long business trip”, but I will speak soon with the authorities. He also would like to know where those Lucas M. am. He had finally lost money.

That Tyrolean is a co-founder of Cointed that distanced themselves in the meantime. So it was that the authorities searched the premises of Cointed by. Because the Bitcoin vending machines that were placed in events of Optioment and investors to your money were cheated out of, were from this same company. So you could put your cash directly into the machine and Bitcoin in Optioment invest. Accordingly, also the spaces of Cointed were searched, but they found no incriminating Material. Cointed promised to cooperate with the authorities and distanced himself from the Tyrolean. The national police Directorate in Vienna, quantified the damage in February to 100 million euros.

Current regulatory efforts – a belated reaction?

It is a case of an Austrian law firm cases later as “one of the biggest crime around crypto-currencies”. Now he’s calling apparently, even if a little late – the regulatory authorities on the Plan. The Chairman of the Austrian financial market Supervisory authority calls for stricter regulation of crypto-currencies and ICOs. Among other things, to prevent fraudulent:

“We have communicated in the previous year, 50 summaries of the Facts to the public Prosecutor. About 30 of them dealt with crypto-currencies and Initial Coin Offerings“,

so Helmut Ettl at a press conference in Austria.

Furthermore, Ettl requested a classification of the crypto-currencies based on the Forex trading, in order to create more equality: “For the purchase and sale of foreign currency, you need a Mini-banking license,” says Ettl, “this is not proportionate.”

Finally, you call for ICOs from the threshold value of an estimated two million euros, a securities Prospectus requirement. In addition, it should for traders using crypto for a Concession currencies.

Until this is enforced, maybe also the Tyrolean to the word and tells of his “long trip”. It will be exciting.

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