Austria next six years chairman of the EU

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BRUSSELS – Austria is the next six months the presidency of the EU. It is the third time that the in 1995 joined the country in that position. Migration and asylum will be key themes.

A temporary EU president, the agenda of the council to determine and is considered to be a mediating role to play between the member states. Austria takes the hand over his responsibilities over Bulgaria.

Bridge Builder Kurz

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the conservative Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) promises to be a neutral role as a bridge builder to fulfill. The priorities of the 31-year-old prime minister’s security, the fight against illegal migration, stability around Europe, and improve the competitiveness of the EU through digitization. The motto is “a Europe that protects.”

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Prime minister Mark Rutte lived on 1 January at the invitation of Kurz in Vienna the traditional new year’s Concert. Rutte said that she “what Europe on a lot of points on a line.” Both found that the EU should focus on the major topics for which a common solution is needed.

Position on asylum seekers in Europe

Kurz is not in favour of redistribution of asylum-seekers to Europe, while Rutte there salvation in see. The Austrian presidency is organising on 20 september the EU-summit on migration in Salzburg.

The ÖVP is in a coalition with the right-populist FPÖ. Kurz maintains close ties with the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and also wants Europe to Russia to somewhat friend.

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