André Rieu is more popular than ever

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André Rieu will see its popularity grow globally. This is also apparent from the number of concerts that he from Wednesday in Maastricht. That will be there this year thirteen: a record, says his spokeswoman.

About 150,000 people attend this year, the concerts of André Rieu and his Johan Strauss Orchestra at the Vrijthof in. That per evening approximately 8,000 on the chairs on the square, and a further 3,000 on the terraces of the surrounding bars, restaurants and the Theatre on the Vrijthof.

With concerts in 21 countries on five continents have been 2018 one of the most successful years for the Maastricht stehgeiger, says his spokeswoman. “Worldwide this year to 600,000 tickets sold”, please let them know.

Each year more

Rieu started his concerts in his hometown of Maastricht in 2005. This year he performs there for the fourteenth time. Not only for ’private’ audience, let his spokeswoman to know. The mixed company of spectators, includes no less than eighty nationalities. “People come from all over the world to Rieu on the Vrijthof can see. I heard for example that there are people of the Fiji islands, and from Indonesia and Australia.”

“We see that every year more and more people to Maastricht. Last year, Rieu twelve concerts, and that was already a record. The twelve for this year, scheduled concerts were sold out quickly, that we to a thirteenth had to.”


People attack often deep in the fair, a concert to attend. Apart from the trip will cost a ticket from 59.00 € to… yes, to 799 euros, but then you have the first three rows, you have a luxury stay in a five star hotel, you will visit the studio of the violinist and get a guided tour of the city.

A bankruptcy of a chicken – and kreeftrestaurant of the province earlier this year was threatened with seven hundred fans to duperen. That had at the restaurant, arranged for 85 euro, bought concert plus dinner. But the restaurant went bankrupt. Rieu ordered specially for the fans, a corner from the Theater on the Vrijthof square set up, where they are under the enjoyment of a dinner, the concert still be able to attend. At the expense of Rieu.

As in previous years, presents Rieu this year a verrassingsgast. Last year, Rieu, David Hasselhoff to the Vrijthof. Who this year, wants to be the spokesperson for the police not to say.

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