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Adiós España: Host country Russia sends La Roja home after penalties

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Russia has for a surprise of size taken care of at the soccer world cup. The host country eliminated Spain, the world champion of 2010, after an exciting penalty shoot-out and may move to the quarter-finals. The match was made after renewals at 1-1 ended, the penalty shoot-out was by Russia won with 3-4.

With a 6 to 9 in the group stage – but a solid defeat against Uruguay in the last match – had to wait to see how the Russians would respond in their eighth-final against Spain. Coach Cherchesov surprised already by Villarreal player Denis Good, however all good for three goals this world cup, on the bench to start. Also in Spain fell to a surprise hidden in the form of Andrés Iniesta, who is also on the bank had to begin with.

Again an own goal

After a short study tour, it was the Russians who for the first danger of the party made the. The first real chance however, came from the Spaniards, and which was also immediately touch. A free-kick from Asensio ended up quite unhappy on the leg of Ignashevich, who, together with Sergio Ramos in a duel. Akinfeev had no recourse against the surprising ball: 1-0 for Spain and the tenth (!) own goal on this world cup.

The Spaniards kept the party thereafter under control as only they can do that with the famous tiki taka. At a certain moment, had the Spaniards even 75% possession of the ball. The Russians, loudly encouraged by their hometown audience, tried and came as the rest approached, which is better in the party. The very striker Dzyuba fought against Ramos and Piqué, but to score he didn’t. Also Golovin was the goal. Suddenly got the Russians plane for the rest however, is an ultimate chance at the equalizer when Piqué on a corner kick the ball against the arm. The VAR was in agreement, Dzyuba kicked from the dot blooded 1-1 against the ropes. Also the idle mode, already got Costa two good chances at 2-1.

Weak second half

In the second half, it was Spain that the best out of the changing rooms appeared. That led to a stream of bad balls, less good controls and half kansjes, but real doelkansen there were not. On the hour, if the Russian favourite with the public Good raids, a few minutes later, on the Spanish side also Keeps an appearance. The spelbeeld, however, changed not. In the meantime, fell a few Russians already down with cramps. Akinfeev had five minutes before the end two phenomenal saves from the fists save on an effort from Iniesta and the subsequent rebound of substitute Aspas. Ramos struck at the start of the extra time with the headline it zijnet. Renewals, however, were inevitable.

In which renewals had a pack of players, no energy to really fight. The greatest danger came often of the invaders. Both teams were in the renewal, moreover, use of the fourth switch, the first time that that new regulation will be applied to the world cup. In the first renewal was a central shot of Asensio, the only significant feat of arms, but in the second extension, there was suddenly a Spanish fury. Akinfeev had to repeatedly rescue on good attempts of Rodrigo, the fourth switch of Spain.


The rain began with a few minutes on the clock to fall and the Russian works months the audience to get behind the team. An unprecedented atmosphere in the Luzhniki Stadium, where 78.000 spectators were present. Also one last attempt by the Spaniards yielded nothing more, so for the first time this tournament, penalty kicks were needed. Both teams scored them their first two penalty shots, but attempt number three on the Spanish side went wrong for Koke. Golovin kicked the Russians ‘ lead. Sergio Ramos was subsequently certainly is accurate for Spain, just as Good for the Russians. The pressure on the shoulders of a substitute Aspas, which is the fifth penalty took for Spain, was too high. Iniesta did not dare to look. Aspas’ penalty kick was caught by Akinfeev, who is the great hero of the Russian nation: the host nation goes through to the next round!

Russia will be in the next round against Croatia or Denmark, tonight at 20 hours of play in their eighth final.

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