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Which plate works áltijd? These dj’s make their cards look

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Bibi Seck: ‘Drumming, I had like to have been’

They are young, talented and funky also. Thus it’s no coincidence called that Alia, Bibi Seck and Black Mamba the Couleur Café-poster to share with no one less than funkfarao George Clinton.

On the eve of their action, we laid out these three promising female dj’s, ten questions for. And they are not just about music.

    1. What was the first record you ever bought?

    2. There Is a plate that you put in each and every set of plays, what happens?

    3. Which plate always works?

    4. What can you eat and drink for a set? And after?

    5. What reaction do you get most often when someone tells you that you can deejay?

    6. Which album put your home on Sunday? And on Saturday night?

    7. You think about your podiumoutfits?

    8. What number is there currently in the charts which you really don’t understand why it is there?

    9. Play your own instrument?

    10. What is your policy on verzoeknummers?

Dj Alia

  • 18 years
  • Leuven
  • Funk, garage, hip hop
  • ‘Verzoeknummers I find really superstom.’

1. That was ‘Constructive interference’ by Evil Needle and Sivey; my acquaintance with future beats, and the first album that got me on the run brought.

2. No. There is a record that I often turn: ‘We are on the move ” by Joey Negro. A very funky number where everyone is always happy.

3. Peggy Gou: ‘It makes you forget”.

4. That depends. When I get home to eat, I eat very healthy because then it makes my mom the food is ready. As I advance in the city, something to eat, that is generally a greasy bite. For a set I drink a few beers, to be in the mood to come. Sometimes a glass of wine. Never spirits.

5. First, there is disbelief. ‘Wow, a girl that dj is. That will be an amateur.’ When I then explain that I do seriously, I’m busy with deejayen, that unbelief is a place for positive interest.

6. At home, I turn mainly playlists from Spotify. Quiet soul and funk on Sunday morning, danceable beats on Saturday night.

7. I do not think so. My podiumoutfits therefore differ not so of my weekday outfits.

8. ‘Vroom’ of Famke Louise.

9. No. Drums or playing the saxophone I would be cool.

10. Requests I find really superstom. If I get a number not want to run, I said that I was not to have. Usually that is really so.

Black Mamba

  • 24 years
  • Gent
  • Hip-hop, r&b, afrobeat
  • ‘For about 3 months stopped with alcohol’

1. ‘Nu flow’ by Big Brovaz. That picture I’ve worn out from playing.

2. That changes constantly, but at this point is ‘Praise the lord’ by Asap Rocky.

3. Anything by Beyoncé is always good.

4. On a festival I always go for French fries. For I to my set early, I drink a redbull to get myself healthy boost. No alcohol, because that’s where I am since three months completely stopped. This is my head is much brighter during the run. When I set again afterwards to listen to, I hear the quality of my mixes, whether or not I had been drinking.

5. Only after I the first time on Studio Brussels had turned, I was taken seriously as a dj. Now I get mainly a lot of questions from young girls who also dj want to be. My advice to them is: don’t think about it too much, start with them.

6. If you have a lot running, you can listen on the duration only to the genres that you’re running. Therefore, I myself imposed for other, chillere things to listen to. On a Sunday morning, explain why I like something from Solange or Jorja Smith. On Saturday night? Either a mix of myself – although I realize that that arrogant sounds – either a list of new music that I have downloaded. New songs I turn first a week at home, they are good to know. Then I incorporate them in my set.

7. I think there’s often too late, and then realize that I not really a suitable podiumoutfit in the closet have to hang. My outfit may be striking, but it must be comfy to stay – I should easily be able to move.

8. That flat remix of the Italian song ‘Bella ciao’ I think is really not good.

9. I had many hobbies as a child and have piano, drum and singing lessons followed. Unfortunately, I have not sustained.

10. I smile, the friendly way or I say that I do not have. All of it happens at times that they have a good number of applications that I no longer rotated or have heard; in those cases I look like me.

Bibi Seck

  • 21 years
  • Antwerp
  • Hip-hop, trap, funk, soul
  • ‘All cosy soulnummers’

1. The first album of Das Pop. Then I came to their concert at Maanrock.

2. That varies. For each set I am looking for new songs, because I get numbers quite quickly tired.

3. My style in the last few years has greatly evolved. When I was in my sixteenth began, I turned especially hip-hop and trap. Today I’m in addition, more eighties stuff, funky things. At this time, ‘Midas touch’ by Midnight star for me is the plate that always works.

4. I’m usually nervous for a set; the food is not exactly smooth. To get my nerves to calm, I take one drink. Usually a Desperados beer. In the past there was always a bottle of rum on my rider, but rum-cola drink for a set turned out a bit too violently.

5. Comments are always positive and are followed by questions: was I a professional dj, and what genre I spin.

6. I have just one album from The Isley Brothers purchased: all cosy soulnummers, in which the tasty puffs is on Sunday morning. To be in the mood to come on Saturday night, I turn on ‘Supersonic’ by J. J. Fad like.

7. Yes. Deejayen is also performing, so my outfit should be colorful. Definitely not too boring.

8. Difficult question, because I don’t listen much to the radio. Anyway, I find all that EDM, but nothing. That one dj that mask wearing, for example; Marshmello’s it called anyway? Not my thing.

9. No. Drumming, I had like to have done.

10. I nod and pretend I’m going to run. If I up the number to have and I think it is good, turn I the. Otherwise not.

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