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Vandoorne qualifies as a sixteenth: “This poor result we had expected”

ae6df4243de6a6a1f8998c163e238c74 - Vandoorne qualifies as a sixteenth: "This poor result we had expected"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne got during the qualifying for the GP of Austria does not go beyond the sixteenth time. That poor qualification came for Vandoorne not come as a surprise.

Vandoorne just missed out on a hair after Q2, he was, after all, is 0.007 sec. too slow to advance, and had to be content with the sixteenth time. For team-mate Fernando Alonso was not much better, the Spaniard got no further than the fourteenth time. So it was again not the best qualification for McLaren.

“The session was very close and it was really perfect for me,” says Vandoorne back to his qualification. “I knew this afternoon, no specific problems. We have yesterday on the car, many things has changed, today we did not do that. However, felt the car on one set of tyres different to that on the other, which is difficult to explain. Perhaps it has something to do with the preparation of the tires or with the warm-up laps, the other cars take before they start pushing.”

Stoffel Vandoorne damaged in the morning for the umpteenth time this weekend the front wing. That was the yellow kerbstones which is right next to the track. Vandoorne lost also a lot of precious time during the last training session.

“Anyone who has that yellow long kerbstones reed has parts of his car, piece driven. Even during the qualification broke a part of my car and I hit the kerbstones not even. They are pretty hard for your car. I see no reason why they should lie. If you are so far off the track driving than you will lose anyway in time.”

“The qualifying was more or less what we had expected, we’ll see what the race tomorrow,” concluded Vandoorne.

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