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The Red Devils are now already entitled to a Gold Star of world champion on the shirt? “If Uruguay this may, we also”

Voetbaldenktank ‘The White Devil’ wants to make a plea to the Golden Kampioensster of the Olympic Games of 1920 on the shirt of the Red Devils to convert, for example, initiators, François Colin and Raf Willems to Belga known.

“Uruguay is playing in this tournament with four stars on the shirt: they refer to the golden medals at the world cups of 1930 and 1950, but also to that of the Olympic Games of 1924 and 1928. Because in 1930 until the first official world Championship was organised, the FIFA decided to have the Olympics for that year to accept them as the most important football tournaments of the world at that time”, says in a statement.

“Belgium won gold at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp. For the first time, was there when played with fifteen participants and one non-European country. The international press wrote after the session: ‘The Red Devils are the best players of the world’. With our think tank, The White Devil, that cares about both the future and the heritage of our football, we advocate here the example of Uruguay to follow. And after the fifa world cup 2018 also with a star on the shirts to play during competitions: the star of the Olympic Games of 1920.”

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