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The man who was not a breath must pick up

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Damso begins his performances with ‘Kietu’, now even in Flanders, everyone knows him as the man who found the world cup song would deliver, after which that offer is hastily withdrawn. In the light of the setting sun, he opened with ‘Ipséité’.

The name of his last album, but a song on his newly published third plate Lithopédion – a song also which the Brussels rapper the there good inwrijft that his first million within.

Most festival goers came tonight for Damso, and yet we will guess that it is a less typical hiphoppubliek than Damso with its passage in the National forest for themselves. Older songs like ‘Débrouillard’ were mass sung, but the audience didn’t know all the songs. Or they could just not follow: on the plate varies Damso smoothly between a lyrical style, full-on singing or freestyling. At Couleur Café fired he is the one mitraillette-rap after the other at us, as if he never breath it. Impressive, that is the least that you can say.

And all we got were the angry ‘Introduction’ of the last album, the emphasis was on feestnummers such as ‘Kin la belle’, ‘Bruxelles vie’ or ‘Mwaka moon’, which Damso the delights of Amsterdam and its fine tobacco sings.

Voetbalhymnes we were not early, but as he who yesterday the match had seen of the Red Devils. ‘On les a bien enculés, I almost feel pity for the English’, grinned he did not really convincing.

Secretly, we had a little hoped for the masterful ‘Julien’ from the last album, as frightening as a sweet and melodic song about a pedophile. That was probably a bridge too far: Damso remained with the hits – and drove that to such a pace that he was a quarter of an hour early was finished. And no encore followed. We suspect that Damso more impressive from the angle.

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