The Is: ’11 million for Tadic is not a lot of money’

615efeb92c69016d71f83d707c4bc2c1 - The Is: ’11 million for Tadic is not a lot of money’

KLOSTERPFORTE – This Is is happy with the turn of Ajax on the transfer list. In the garden of the beautiful hotel in the German Klosterpforte, where the club this week is staying, he tells the excellent to find that the top of Ajax the Tadic deal for each other has to punch.

Matthijs de ligt

Without losing the own identity of training to deny, he thinks this is the way to the (international) ambitions. It plays a role in his decision to last longer than this summer.

’Ajax must come with me’

“You have a particular goal for Ajax: connecting with the subtop of Europe”, says The Is. “There are now once this sort of amounts paid. You can madness, but it is the current state of European football. I think that if Ajax were in need. It’s a good thing that the club this kind of boys keep out. Provided I find eleven million euros for Tadic not even very much money. This gets the level of the team up, as I that also of the other purchases expected. It is a signal to others that we have something here to achieve.”

Without a koopclub to be, the question is whether bringing in players of the caliber of Tadic, The Lies can convince the decision and in any case another year at Ajax to continue. “Yes. Investing is always good, but you need to not only invest in purchases, but also in the players that are already there. That there purchases are done is nice, but it would also be nice if certain people are rewarded. That gives confidence and is important. That I take sure in my decision.”

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