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Social Coin Analytics – Which Coin is most present on Twitter?

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The mood in social media has undoubtedly had an impact on the price of a crypto currency. Accordingly, it may be useful for investors, to capture this mood on a daily basis. As a Monitor for Twitter Social Coin Analytics Iunera.

To some Exchange, the company still exists: the Trollbox. In this chat window Trading currencies can interested about some of the Crypto, Trading tactics and everything else to discuss. Anyway, that was the idea.

In fact, you could see a Troll Trolling, and the Hypen of crypto-currencies, which rank among the also-RANS, Boxing for the most part. The Troll pit Pump-and-Dump Schemes have been initiated, so that not a few have lost a lot of money. So it’s no wonder that many crypto exchanges have disabled this in the Troll boxes.

Such shillings had its reason, for they hoped that the attention for a crypto-currency is on the rise. Increased attention, at least in terms of positive news, progress is often a price increase.

Although the question of the chicken and the Egg arises frequently, in addition, the reality is slightly more complex, but a rough correlation exists. Accordingly, it can be for an Investor or Trader to keep Track of the public mood is an interesting Monitor.

Social Coin Analytics – A Dashboard for the analysis of social activity

Iunera is a company that has dedicated itself to complete the data analysis. In connection with the election, the firm was with an analysis of the current mood on Twitter well-known. The Federal election analysis continues. It is interesting – and to keep track of the part of concern, as referred to in the mention of the seats in the Bundestag would be distributed.

Social Coin Analytics Iunera is a new project of the company. The same name page captures the current mood with respect to a crypto-currency on Twitter, so that you can over a time course of the number of Tweets, number of Tweets and sentiment of Tweets.

As an example, the development of DASH was shown, mentions on Twitter, compared to Monero, Lisk and Bitcoin Cash:

You can see that on the 24. In June, the number of DASH-mentions are dramatically increased. In retrospect, unfortunately, is not to determine Social Coin Analytics, what was the reason for this dramatic increase. The aspirations of the DASH in Venezuela and a significant Increase in the number of transactions to the 24. June, however, will be the reason.

The social activity of the last 24 hours can be used on Social Coin Analytics as the Basis for a crypto-Index. As described elsewhere, a market-capitalisation-based crypto-Index is not a perfect measure of actual Adoption. In addition to the trading volume here is a look at the social presence could be helpful. As a look at the Top 10 shows, differs, such a Ranking of the market capitalization-based Ranking:

Sentiment analysis for crypto-currencies

The quip “there is no bad press” applies for currencies with Crypto. EOS had, in relation to the Block producers of frozen Accounts, while a media presence on Twitter, however, was rather negative. Accordingly, it is helpful if you followed the General mood on social media a crypto-currency.

First approaches for such a sentiment analysis Scionanalytics. This is KI-supports the rating of the Tweets classified. In a pie chart the sum of the Tweets will be displayed within the last week. Moving the mouse over a section of the pie chart gives a rough picture of the mood within the last week for a crypto currency:

As you can see, the opinion of the Twitter Community regarding use of the DASH to be more positive. Out of a total of around 43,000 Tweeets 5,000 and are almost positive, while just under 1,400 and a negative rate. The Ratio between positive and negative Tweets is 3.6.

For EOS, for example, the image in the last week looked, thanks to the Block Producer concerned dramas a little less well: Here the Ratio is 2.3. There were, therefore, posted relatively less positive Tweets than in the DASH.

An interesting project with potential for optimization

In addition to these Features, the Social Coin Analytics, AI is trying to price-based type prediction. The probability for such a forecast should not exceed a certain Level, it is displayed in the Dashboard. The Team of Iunera more trained the AI to make successively better predictions.

Social Coin Analytics Iunera white overall. Data Nerds can spend a lot of time and the Tweeting behaviour for different crypto-currencies are studying.

As with many young projects, a small request, is developed when Working with Social Coin Analytics list in my head. So it would be extremely useful if you could also look at longer time intervals. Still would be great if you could also take into account data from other social networks. Important a filter is also in the time-dependent Plot, so that you can look at only the positive or negative Tweets as a function of time. Finally, it would be fantastic if at certain times, such as in the example above, at 24. June, the may view tweet.

Nevertheless, The wish list shows, above all, that you get when you quickly want more. An interesting Tool that you should pursue.

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