Rebels discuss peace in South Syria

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AMMAN – The Syrian opposition and Russian negotiators started peace negotiations over the south west region in Syria, where in recent weeks, a fierce battle is waged. According to the rebels, the deployment of the calls to the area around Daraa under control of the Syrian government.

Syrian soldiers.

A number of representatives of the rebels in the area cease, has now spoken with Russian representatives. Those that have their requirements made known, reports a spokesman of the Free Syrian Army.

According to him, would the Russians the same deal as before with insurgents in Eastern Ghouta has been agreed. Fighters are not allowed their family members to leave the area, those who remain should the Syrian authorities to accept. The spokesperson let us know that the rebels have rejected. They would prefer to see Russian military police in the area than government forces of president Bashar al-Assad.

Jordan, that to the conflict zone borders, facilitates the discussions between the Russians and the rebels. Saturday is expected to be a meeting. The Syrian state television showed, meanwhile, images of villages that the arrival of the Syrian army would welcome. So it was to see that the flag of the regime in Damascus on buildings was lifted.

Friday reported a Jordanian government official in the south of Syria has reached agreement on a cease-fire. But it was reported that in the night from Friday on Saturday again air raids occurred. The government forces in the south of Syria, a major offensive began, and has several villages and towns recaptured on the insurgents.

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