Phil Kevin pays homage to the Flemish people

adc22114ce356fc8fdcec1278d8f1a6f - Phil Kevin pays homage to the Flemish people

Phil Kevin is a passionate singer and born entertainer, also a proud Fleming. With his new single ‘the Flemish people’, he brings a summery tribute to his people and music. For Phil, the grass is clearly not greener on the other side, but the East-west Flanders best!’. Thus lift the glass with Phil and Kevin on ‘the Flemish people’!
“I perform regularly abroad, in hotels and on cruises, but I always with full enthusiasm, returned to Flanders,” says Phil Kevin. “The performances for an enthusiastic Flemish audience are just always that little bit more than anywhere else in the world. We Flemish people know what ‘good life’ is. We know the finer things in life. Of the best food to the best beers and that, for me at least, the most beautiful places in the world. For me that was the reason for a song that describes how great of Flanders, how good life is here, and that we are proud may be!”, decision a enthusiastic Phil Kevin.

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