Paris Hilton shows engagement rings more

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Paris Hilton is so afraid of her very expensive engagement ring to lose the hotelerfgename no less than three replicas of the jewelry has. That revealed the 37-year-old dj with Access to Live.

Paris Hilton

“I have a few replica’s because I’m afraid to certain countries to visit with this ring,” explains Paris. “That is why I have three extra. Just for the dj and for visiting certain places.”

That an additional ring is no superfluous luxury for Hilton proved last march. While partying in a club in Miami and flew the 2 million dollar engagement ring from her finger. “The ring is so heavy and large that the ring literally of my finger flew during the dance and a few tables away in a container with ice-cream ended up”, tweeted she. “Miraculously, found my fiance’s ring before anyone else did and it probably had not returned.”

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Paris said earlier that they had this year and wants to marry her fiancé, Chris Zylka, who at the beginning of this year during a skiing holiday in Aspen to his knees.

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