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Pale Blue Foundation planned in Venezuela with Bitcoin surges – Airdrop

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The Non-Profit organization, Pale Blue Foundation is planning for humanitarian reasons, a large amount of Bitcoin on Venezuela “throw off”. The people of this Central American country to suffer for some time under the monetary despotism of its government.

For the inhabitants of the country of the tremendous increase in consumer prices, with disastrous consequences. The citizens of Venezuela could buy for your money is always less, even daily necessities such as medicines and basic food are almost unaffordable. For the current year, the International monetary Fund expects an inflation rate of more than 13,000 percent.

Pale Blue Foundation promises the relief of suffering

Now, one of the founders of the Non-Profit organization, Pale Blue Foundation, Jonathan Wheeler, the people of the oil-producing state, wants to grab under the arms. He wants to flood the country with Bitcoin: in the Form of a mobile Airdrop. Of course he can’t do this alone, he needs helper in his Mission. The Problem: The government of Venezuela is known for the fact that she already has a Routine in it, the opposition, and to put a lateral thinker in custody. The Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has Recently introduced its own crypto currency, the Petro.

Nevertheless, Jonathan Wheeler, a former employee of Goldman Sachs to help it with his Bitcoin Airdrop the economic crisis in Venezuela, relieve and of the population of the country, to supply with Goods of daily demand. Currently, the lack of present symptoms. As it seems, no longer is the project only a vague Vision. The project is already on something stronger legs. Wheeler hopes that he donate with his Team the Pale Blue Foundation-developed App called Azul by the end of the year, amounting to millions more.

What you can do with Azul?

Wheelers working group currently consists of about 15 developers, including some citizens of Venezuela. Azul puts special emphasis on ease of use. Other crypto-Communities, such as Dash and Zcash have tried in the past to help the people of this Central American country. They, however, had only limited success. Wheeler and his colleagues rely on Bitcoin, and already some companies in the industry, such as in the case of the open Bazaar and local bitcoins have asked for support. Their choice had fallen on Bitcoin because the Cryptocurrency is the most prevalent and also most of the transactions are processed.

The ambitions of Wheeler and his partners, however, go beyond the mere assistance. The humanitarian Foundation has recently tried to build partnerships with organisations like the Human Rights Foundation and the United Nations. In addition, they consulted with economists about what the unintended consequences are to be expected, if a new crypto currency is brought in a country that is in massive economic trouble. In the case of all concerns with Wheeler in his social commitment, but rather as creators. His Motto: “we have to start Somewhere.”

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