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One absent in Japan on training, but the Red Devils instill no fear in it: “We believe in our potential”

The Red Devils have Monday (20h), Shinji Okazaki is not afraid in the eighth final against Japan at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The 32-year-old attacker was missing Saturday at the training due to an ankle injury. Coach Akira Nishino saw his other 22 players to work on the last training in Kazan, before Japan in the afternoon to Rostov-on-Don travel.

Okazaki had in the group matches against Colombia (2-1 victory) and Senegal (2-2) are satisfied with a role as a substitute. Against Poland (0-1 defeat), he started in the base, but he had to be in the 47 minute to the side.


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Japan is the underdog for the duel with the forces of Roberto Martinez, but still want the Asians for the first time in the quarter-finals at a world CHAMPIONSHIPS, achieve. “We are looking forward to,” said rear Yuto Nagatomo. “We believe in our potential. I have the firm intention to push on to the next round.”

“We have the pressure to withstand and stand in the eighth-finals. That gives us a lot of confidence”, continued defensive midfielder Makoto Hasebe. “We look forward to the next competition.”

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