On Awakenings echoes the hot past after

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On the first edition of the Awakenings Festival was not one of the dj’s who play a leading role claimed, but the sun. When on Saturday afternoon the mercury in the Mid temperatures deep in the twenty shows, echoes of that first edition.

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On the corresponding weather conditions after differences the edition of 2001 and that of 2018, however, as day and night. That first festival had a charming band-aid approach. In the year 2018, Awakenings is the most professional technofestival in the world and has one of the highest production standards in the Netherlands.

Also the music in that time it has changed. Awakenings is still all techno, only techno now a lot friendlier. Characteristic for the new face of this dancestroming is the occurrence that Henrik Schwarz and KiNK together to take care of. The live set they play is warm, funky and sexy.

For the classic techno that is hard, fast and heavy, you need to Awakenings in the tents. How popular this music is, is evident from the fact that in spite of the scorching heat in each tent, thousands of ravers, shoulder to shoulder, the legs from the body to dance. In the advance towards a wider audience, has Awakenings is always a sharp eye kept on that real technogevoel.

Saturday there are a total of 66 acts on. On Sunday, that 59, but that does not mean that the Sunday edition is a stripped-down version. Since Awakenings in 2013, a second day has become a full-fledged day of the festival. This year shall be under (a lot) more Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock, Sam Paganini and Agoria. And there are as many visitors as on Saturday, namely to 40,000.

The Telegraph is there for the whole weekend and do report.

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