‘North Korea works in secret still to nuclear weapons’

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North Korea is recent weeks in the secret uranium continue to enrich. That should be evident from the secret reports of the Us military, the intelligence services, which NBC News message. Enriched uranium is used for the production of nuclear bombs.

North Korea has the production of enriched uranium at secret locations over the past months only, but increased. The country would therefore certainly still a nuclear threat, in contrast to the recent statements of the American president Donald Trump.

The American news channel NBC News bases that claim on conversations with a dozen American soldiers, who in their turn were aware of new reports of the American security services about North Korea.

According to those soldiers in the secret reports that North Korea not only uranium enriched at secret locations, but also rapidly working to fuel for nuclear bombs.

Military exercises cancelled

The messages come at an inopportune time for president Donald Trump, who on 12 June in Singapore a historic meeting with the North Korean president Kim Jong-un. Trump called the meeting ‘very successful’ and stated that since then, even that North Korea ” is no longer a nuclear threat’. The findings of the American security services would, however, demonstrates the contrary.

Trump agreed to even participate in a joint military exercises with South Korea provisionally to cancel, a major concession to Pyongyang. Critics blamed the American president that he that concession did without any gesture from the North Koreans opposite.

‘North Korea deceived us’

‘It is true that the North Koreans are no longer nuclear tests, but there is no indication that their existing inventories to reduce, and not even that they stopped with the production of new nukes’, says an American soldier against NBC News. “There is onomstootbaar evidence that North Korea is the United States to mislead.”

The American minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo, prepares, reportedly, a new trip to Pyongyang. In July, he wants the negotiations with the regime of Kim to continue. Pompeo hopes, according to the British newspaper The Guardian on the North Koreans to be able to move to make concrete promises on denuclearization, something Trump has not previously been successful.

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