North Korea increases nuclear production

2c17621a45fd3fc65e4ee7e0fbadd1cd - North Korea increases nuclear production

WASHINGTON – U.s. intelligence agencies suspect North Korea in the production of more enriched uranium in recent months have stepped up. That happened on various secret locations while the country tried a number of allowances for the United States to enforce.

The provision of the production would turn out a new inlichtingenrapport, which NBC News message. The news spoke with multiple anonymous sources who are familiar with the report. According to them, is trying the regime in Pyongyang as much as possible concessions from Washington, while holding on to their nuclear weapons that are considered to be essential to survive.

The intelligence services seem the a different sound than Donald Trump. The American president left after his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un know that from North Korea not a nuclear threat emanates.

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