New friend films scheldende son Katie Price

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She called Kris Boyson her great support her through the most difficult period of her life helped during her divorce. The same friend post Saturday, a movie in which her son Harvey (16) afreageert on a fly.

Katie Price with son Harvey

That is to see in a video on the Instagramaccount of Boyson. Harvey reacts to a fly: “f*cking fly, oh my goodness”. That Katie Price lovingly about her from her autistic son, but reminds him of how she taught him to react on the fly. “What say we fly?”. When her son sings: “Go fly away and come back later when it’s dark.” ’King of jokes’, calls Boyson him.

The three made the film during the pick up of a meal after them with the three of them a workout. The 29-year-old fitness instructor helps the teenager to lose weight, know Daily Mail. Katie was recently by her ex Peter Andre is blamed that they are wrong opvoedkeuzes.

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