More and more countries agree with Merkel on migration

5f221693f7a157557c9f4dd2428b4503 - More and more countries agree with Merkel on migration

BRUSSELS – a further fourteen European countries have on Germany committed to migrants faster to take back. Among the countries are the Netherlands and critical countries in the field of migration as Poland, the Czech republic and Hungary, reports the German press agency DPA.

The news agency relies on a document which the German chancellor Angela Merkel has sent to her two coalition partners. With Spain and Greece had Merkel already bilateral agreements on the return of asylum seekers in those countries are registered.

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The other countries that their “commitment at the political level,” have done so are Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden. With Italy no agreement was reached.

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Netherlands is fine to agree with Berlin about the acceleration of the take-back of asylum seekers. Conversely, namely that of migrants of whom the procedure is actually in Germany would have to walk faster can be transferred. That is often viscous. According to stakeholders, there are more asylum seekers in the Netherlands of whom the request according to the so-called dublin regulation actually by the Germans should be treated than vice versa.

The German chancellor is in his own country under pressure due to a conflict with her Bavarian coalition partner, the CSU. Who has, by the mouth of minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer threatened asylum seekers who elsewhere in Europe are registered at the border, send back, what the government would do falter.

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Of the week, the European heads of state and government met in Brussels to examine the migratievraagstuk. There they managed to reach a political agreement on a number of points, but not about the control of the traveling of asylum seekers in Europe. Sunday to discuss Seehofer and Merkel on the results of the European summit.

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