Merkel signs the bilateral migratieakkoord with Belgium

04afe9ad32606bd369a819d7cdac0990 - Merkel signs the bilateral migratieakkoord with Belgium

The German chancellor Angela Merkel has bilateral migratieakkoorden signed with fourteen countries, including Belgium. Those countries agree in migrants in Germany coming, but all of them asylum have requested, faster to take back.

The German press agency DPA could be a document view on the bilateral agreements that Merkel and the leaders of its two coalition partners have sent to refer to it.

In addition to Belgium, to Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.

Friday got at the EU summit announced that Spain and Greece, an agreement have been signed. Italy not yet.

Political fate of Merkel

The European heads of state and government met Thursday and Friday in Brussels for a European summit was dominated by the migration. According to some ‘crucial’ for the future of the European Union, but also the political fortunes of German chancellor Angela Merkel hung in the balance.

Her Interior minister Horst Seehofer and his CSU, the Bavarian zusterpartij of But CDU, require a European solution for the many transmigranten in Germany. They have to go back to the country where they first registered, it sounds, often frontlijnstaten as Greece and Italy.

Sunday sit Seehofer and Merkel around the table to the results of the European summit to discuss.

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