Merkel keeps spoedberaad with minister Seehofer

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The German Chancellor Angela Merkel this evening in the chancellery minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer received a spoedberaad. Subject is the migrantencrisis

that division ensures between the two christian democratic regeringspartners.

Seehofer of the Bavarian CSU has it threatened to border migrants send back to us. And that goes against the instructions of chancellor Merkel (CDU). The politician will make him try to convince her that her efforts to increase the inflow of migrants to limit the closing of the borders superfluous will make. Merkel is coordinating with other European countries.

Already had Merkel the endless government crisis try to temper it with a letter to the party and leaders of the CSU and the SPD, her coalition partners. Therein announced a series of measures to make the German migration policy to something more restrictive, control.

It could be that asylum seekers who are already in another EU country be registered, must be returned to that country. Merkel has to say that all the commitments from 14 European countries to which measure to implement.

‘Nothing signed’

But in those countries is still a lot of nuance applied to that agreement. State secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken underlined that there is still nothing signed. “There is an agreement in principle, between Belgium and Germany in order to see how and to what extent the mutual Dublinprocedures can be facilitated, for example through the exchange of liaison officers,” says Francken. “That should allow asylum seekers who are actually under the jurisdiction of the other country, faster return and so the battle to be able to engage with secondary flow.’

This works in both directions, so it sounds even. With other words: there would be than of German side a faster return of migrants who are already in Germany asylum have requested.

The ‘Fake news’

Is Merkel too fast in her communication on ‘bilateral agreements with 14 European countries’? Also the Czech republic and Hungary have Saturday namely denied that they are the measure of Merkel have agreed. And they do not miss out on understanding terms.

‘Germany has approached and at this moment I would such an agreement does not ratify, ” said the Czech prime minister Babis. “We plan no negotiations. There is no reason to negotiate. We reject this decided, ” she said from Prague.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban daring even of ‘fake news’, and said to the Hungarian news agency MTI that there is no agreement.

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