Man dies in the SM-cellar Hollywoodhotshot

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A high manager in the top of the famous WME-agency for Hollywood, it should continue to work, despite the fact that a man died in his SM-cellar.

Skip Chasey has a SM-cellar

The 47-year-old Doran George, a British professor at the University of California, a dancer and choreographer was lifeless in the extensively equipped sekskelder of Skip Chasey found in Los Feliz. He died because he was mummified in plastig and gaffer tape, writes Page Six. This happened already in november last year, but it was only last week revealed in a podcast by journalist Mark Ebner. The Los Angeles police department assessed the death was not as a crime.

A spokesperson of the agency tells Page Six: “We were until now unaware of the circumstances surrounding this personal matter. We understand that the police, the case has closed and there is no indictment. When other facts emerge, we will have the case re-evaluate and see if there are appropriate measures must be taken.”

Chasey (62), which are within the agency WME, especially in the tv production industry provides focus, would be in the SM-world wide renown as a Master Skip and gave more than 250 workshops and lectures on the subject. He founded also the foundation PLAY (People of Leather Among You), a social and educational group for young people in Southern California. According to a source he had already had seven months in a relationship with Doran, they were both adults and they agreed both with what they dedeen. “They did this sort of thing more often. It is not abnormal in that community,”

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