Lewis Hamilton in skirt on the cover GQ

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Lewis Hamilton shines in the latest edition of mannentijdschrift GQ in a Scottish kilt. The 33-year-old Formula 1 driver is trying as well to make it last december, and his little nephew on Instagram ridiculed for wearing a dress.

Lewis Hamilton

“I want to make amends,” said Lewis. The driver says that he realizes that he made a mistake and wants to do this publicly to make it clear. At the same time, Hamilton in this way, his nephew, a strong message that he does not need to be ashamed for his identity.

Last christmas posted Lewis a video of his little nephew in a pink dress. “You can have this for christmas? Boys wear no prinsessenjurk!” he said to the clearly frightened boy. Soon began the four-time world champion in baking with criticism about him. This he offered his apologies for his “inappropriate words”. Still, he notes of fans like that film downplayed. When the criticism is again increased.

Eventually removed Lewis all of his posts on Twitter and Instagram. After just under a month, he turned his back on social media. With his nephew, seems to be Hamilton’s to have recovered. Recently he went with him to Disneyland Paris, where the boy the whole day in a pink prinsessenjurk ran.

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