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Juicy: delicious evil girls

c75e83769fa975787841dd92e57743da - Juicy: delicious evil girls

Technical problems at the start of the set were professionally taken care of by the ladies of Juicy. Then quickly take their socialemediakanalen promote and hops, the guitar gird to a stripped-down version of a song that may have something aangekleder from the paint should have come.

It was all not very: Juicy had sufficient credit with the Brussels public to this problem can be easily overcome.

On to more important issues. As Theo Francken; once or twice they spoke their dislike about his policies. Why exactly they hém, as viseerden, was not clarified.

“I still have so much to do’, ‘things are good’; so sang the ladies with the Brussels rapper Pregnant Guy, that a gastperformance came to give. It sounded cute and serious at the same time, because the business is going wérkelijk good for Juicy. Dressed in their white overalls, they gave a good show at best, which is warmly welcomed. Especially when she announced “just an old-school Juicy”, went the little hands in the air and there was pressure meegehost on the quick rhymes that they afvuurden. What were those girls angry, say so!

In their enthusiasm and harmony singing did Juicy us sometimes what the twin sisters of Ibeyi think, that here yesterday large ornamental made. Musically Juicy much more pronounced in the urban spectrum, but in terms of message, they are all in the line of Ibeyi. Juicy is the patch combative feminist verve that the Brussels hiphopscene could use some. Now that act have a clearer colour, and we go from ‘promising’ to ‘ready to AB to fill in. A big jump, but something tells us that Juicy has to sooner rather than later to venture.

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