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Journalist BBC gets retrospectively the same wage as male colleagues

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The BBC has Friday announced that it has reached an agreement with one of its journalists, who had resigned as editor-in-chief in China. The woman complained about the inequality in pay between women and men within the British public broadcaster.

Carrie Gracie accepted the job in China after the BBC guarantee was given that they the same amount would be paid as the editor-in-chief for North America. She discovered subsequently that that was not the case.

‘The BBC has apologized because they Carrie too little paid, and the business is now restored’, gave the BBC in a press release. How many they still will, informs the BBC . The amount that they received has Gracie donated to a foundation that strives for equal rights for women.

Gracie, who is once again in London on the battle went, complained in early January, ” a secret and illegal looncultuur’ within the BBC. They wrote about a letter to the British public, that fees pay for the BBC.


The woman was of 135,000 pounds per year, or translated more than 150,000 euros. Her colleague in North-America, was given each year 200,000 to 250,000 pounds. Six male ‘sterjournalisten’ of the BBC went after the dismissal of Gracie agree to a pay cut.

Gracie shows himself relieved. “This is an important day for me: today I can say I was at the BBC equal treatment’, writes the journalist in a statement. “I want working women in Britain say the same thing. But such a cultural change needs time. This is in any case a victory for me and for the BBC. I am proud of us.”

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