Jan the Hope, sad to death ’our girl’

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The dog of Jan the Hope is asleep. The horse was always prominent on the Twitter of the news reader.

Jan Hope

“Our dear Bob is asleep. After 14 fantastic years full of love and pleasure,” writes Jan in a picture on Twitter. “The last time it was less and less. We have had her the last half year with lot of love night and day care. We are very sad but also grateful for the beautiful years with our sweet girl.”

Hope also keeps a vlog about his life on the Veluwe. In his last video said Jan still, that Bob how you get used to it, or reverses, all of fourteen years, and its final stage is in progress. Therefore got the dog race to make it her as comfortable as possible. “It is our girl, so we do everything for the child to ensure that they are as good as possible”, says Jan.

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