House of Cards-actress adopts baby boy

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Neve Campbell has a son. The 44-year-old House of Cards star was on Instagram known that she and her husband, actor JJ Feild, a boy have adopted.

Neve Campbell and JJ Feild

“Pure joy!!!! It was until now a secret, therefore, wanted JJ and I have to wait until it officially was, but five months ago we have a beautiful little boy, adopted. His name is Raynor, and we are madly in love. Our six-year-old son, Caspian is totally away from him. Every morning he asks: “can I have my baby to hold onto. Can I get my baby to eat? Should I take my baby to play?’. It is the most beautiful that we have ever experienced.”

Campbell owes the biological family of the child. “The adoption was yesterday officially and I could not wait to have this news to share with you,” writes the actress in a photo of her happy family.

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