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Gregory Porter: saved by bargainings-hit

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The sun burned than not, they seemed to have plenty in the amphitheatre, where Gregory Porter ascended the throne. Somewhat a pity we found that, because Porter makes music that no bright sunlight endures, and previously to his right in the dusk; that beautiful moment when the summer sun finally below the horizon lowered and a man gets a meaning in a fresh aperitif.

Porter chose resolutely for the jazz approach in the first half of his concert, but got the attention of the numerous public audience, therefore, but difficult to tackle. Around us, there is no end to the chatter, and any other place we went; we noticed that the public is not completely captivated by porter’s performance.

That changed when he ‘Liquid spirit’ began and the public are rhythmic handclaps spontaneously took over. It remains an irresistible mix of jazz, pop and soul, that song. Not for nothing is Gregory Porter to book as the jazzzanger that much more genres governed than just jazz, and his songs like opleukt with a large dash of soul. His baritone voice sounded even again tonight, like pure chocolate tastes like: bittersweet and comfort.

As in jazz, as usual, gave Porter his musicians the chance to to do his thing. After the saxophonist was the turn of the bassist, which prompt the baslijntje of Deep Purples ‘Smoke on the water’ began, that he then seamlessly dropped pass in ‘Papa was a rolling stone’ by The Temptations. Porter fell, and put the cover nicely to his hand.

And thus it was still with Gregory porter’s crossover-jazz in the amphitheatre. Narrowly.

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