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Germany wants to continue with Löw: football association is unanimously behind the coach despite shutdown

02ef24ad4b06baa2dfe3b05e20b512ae - Germany wants to continue with Löw: football association is unanimously behind the coach despite shutdown

The high thump of the German Football association (DFB) have, despite the disastrous world cup campaign of the Mannschaft, Friday in a teleconference unanimously behind coach Joachim Löw gathered. The 58-year-old was asked to continue performing their duties. Löw has a contract until 2022. After the shutdown in Russia had Löw himself question his future as a coach.

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“I need time to digest,” Löw said in the return of the team in Germany. “Of course, I must also put myself in question about why we have no success.”

Officially, the position of Löw not. Next week, the DFB officials and the coach together. Only then will the knot be cut.

Or Löw now is lit or not, Germany must from the ashes rise again – and quickly. In september begins the new UEFA Nations league and then in the qualifiers for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020.

Team manager Oliver Bierhoff has already said that “improvement” is necessary to the Mannschaft back in the right direction, but stressed that next week is not reserved to “crisisoverleg”. “The situation is like after every major tournament,” he said, “successful or not”.

After Germany in 2012 in the semi-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS a painful defeat had been against Italy, was the applied tactics of Löw heavy on the grains taken. The coach will bite when 46 days long on the lips. After that silence said Löw that “the chosen tactics correctly (it was)”. and that there was “no reason to bring this concept to depart”. Two years later, at the world cup in Brazil, proved to be Löw surplus of equal to have had.

But this time the pilot no longer the case: both the fans and the DFB demands “change”. And change, says DFB president Reinhard Grindel, meaning “new, young players preparation”.

New players to select also means to say goodbye to the old(er) guard. But only when certainty exists about the future of Löw it will be clear which players make their shoes for the Mannschaft on the hook will hang. That Mesut Özil the end of his career as an international has been reached, however, it seems almost stuck.

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