Gerard Joling is working on a book

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He was furious when the biography of his “fake sister” Gordon appeared, but also Gerard Joling is in the pen and climbed up. According to the singer is certainly a book as a reaction to the much talked about biography of Goor. That said Geer Friday in the Frank and Vrijdagshow on 538.

Gerard Joling

“There is work”, reveals Gerard. “I think for me something more positive. I can’t say when it is coming, but it’s sure to come.” He explains that in his encounters with major international stars wants to. On the question of whether Gordon passes in his were written answered Gerard: “in the first instance, to the real big star.”

Although Gerard was furious at Gordon, are the two still a duo in The Voice of Senior. “Deep in my heart I wanted to do”, revealed Geer. “And I don’t for the money, I’ve gained enough to make me not bother to do. But I found it so incredibly fun to do this with old people to do, that I thought: I do not let this out of my legs glide.”

According to Gerard, he and Gordon not talked about Gordons biography. “When we meet after half year again saw he said immediately,” I feel a huge cold poolwind, are you sure?’, when was the ice is actually broken because I had so to laugh. We have not spoken about the book, that I also do not want. We are professional enough, we sit down and give people a fun evening. That is, until now, pretty good.”

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