General Motors warns Trump for import

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The tariffs that the Us president Donald Trump wants to enter for foreign cars, would be as may have unintended consequences that the American autoconcern General Motors (GM) jobs must be deleted in the U.S. and the prices of its vehicles should increase.

“Higher tariffs may lead to a smaller GM, with the iconic American company, less would be present in the U.S. and abroad, and with rather less than more American jobs,” writes the group in a letter to the U.s. department of Commerce.

According to GM, the extra barriers to trade, the costs of the company increase and make it less competitive. Other countries would, indeed, countermeasures can take.

The sharp warning surprised marktobservatoren. The ceo of General Motors, Mary Barra, is normal, after all, far from the political battleground. The letter would also show how dangerous the GM-topvrouw, and with her many other industrial toplui, the tariff policy find Trump. That policy could lead to a global trade war.


Earlier, there were already warnings of Toyota and Daimler. And the American motorfietsenbouwer Harley-Davidson announced a part of its production from the United States to move to European import duties to work. Which have been a retaliation on other U.s. taxes.

The White House announced on may 23 that Trump is thinking about new taxes on the importation of foreign cars in the US. A week ago, threatened the president with a levy of 20 percent on European cars. That currently amounts to 2.5 percent, while the European Union is a tax of 10 percent tax on non-EU cars.

The U.s. department of Commerce investigates whether imports of foreign cars and parts is a threat to national security. That study would at the end of July or in August should have completed. A similar research led previously to levies on steel and aluminum.

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