Frank van der Lende wants to go back to 3FM

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Frank van der Lende miss the every day radio. The 29-year-old 3FM-dj would also like to the empty spot to fill that colleague Domien Verschuuren soon leave. “I think that 3FM me back every day.”

Frank van der Lende

A year ago, I was Frank’s place in the hoofdprogrammering lost. The pipe handle in because of falling further and further luistercijfers. “I am just a month, angry at 3FM. I was just pissed. Found the decision unjust”, tells the dj to the AD. But then there was a load of his shoulders. “When I have my best shows until then. I loved no one more account. Was delicious that.”

Frank admits that he gradually became uncertain because he has a lot of comment and got the lead. “The first half of the year, I was still feeling. After that demolition, however, the fear in it.” The bosses at 3FM tried to change him in a type of à la Coen Swijnenberg or Sander Lantinga. “I was trying there to oppose, but if you every day, fight, put you there at any time down.” And that actually fits not at all with Frank, who is the infinite self-confidence seems to have. “I was much more susceptible to what others think of me. That made me actually, for the first time uncertain. I slept there badly.”

From that period he has learned a lot. Van der Lende is less a friends with everyone. “If something is not well regulated, I say that directly and clearly. I have learned an asshole.” Frank hopes that 3FM its resilience appreciates and asks him for the location of the Property. “We’re going to be talking about. The message that he’s leaving is still so fresh. But I’m open to everything.”

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