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Flemish government invests 1 million euro in works on location

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The Flemish government has 1 million euro was allocated for the opening up of heritage sites where artworks on display are the original place for which they were created. Next year will be forty such sites be opened. Visitors can make an album build.

Flemish minister for Tourism Ben Weyts (N-VA) opened Saturday in Antwerp the first site of the project ‘Flemish Masters in situ. The ceiling painting on canvas of Gods on the Olympusberg’ of an anonymous artist. The work of about 60 square meters, the largest ceiling painting on canvas in Western Europe, is on view in ‘The Hofkamer’ in Antwerp.

‘Thanks ‘the Flemish masters, in situ some of the unique heritage sites open to the public, ” says Peter Wouters, director of Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen. ‘In every work of art is a touch-sensitive screen with info about the painting, the painter, the site itself and the neighborhood in which the site resides.’

Visitors get a ‘Pelgrimsboek ” in which she prints can collect. At each visit, they received a reproduction in colour of the work that they have just visited.

Unknown treasures

It is intended that this year three other works on location be opened.

‘Flanders also contains many treasures that we still didn’t know, this project helps to get to know them thanks to a unique experience’, according to Wouters.

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