Final resting place dog Jan with popular bench

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Bob, the beloved pet of a news reader Jan the Hope, will find its final resting place in a very special place. The shaft of the Friday death boxer is strewn with ’the bench where they always love to play, ” says john in his Saturday appeared vlog.

Jan and his man Coen have a hard time with the death of ’our dear girl’. “This morning, an empty basket in the house, that is quite heavy.” Saturday sought the men for their pet, which frequently appeared on the social media of Jan, one more time. “Just when Bob looked in the dierencrematorium in Deventer. She lay there, beautiful”, tweeted the RTL-reader.

“We are incredibly proud of our little girl that she so long has sustained,” says a clearly emotional john in his vlog. “We got her five months to the three hours with the pastry bag lined, also in the middle of the night. That we quite like for its about had it, and we will miss very much.”

After Jan’s Saturday morning announced that he after 14 amazing years full of love and fun’ farewell has to take over from Bob, he and Coen flooded with responses. “I would like to everyone a very warm thank you for all the heartwarming feedback we have received,” said Jan against his Twitter followers. “It really helps!”

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