Emotional Joop van den Ende gives daughter Iris road

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An emotional day for Joop and Janine van den Ende. Their daughter Iris married Saturday on the Spanish island of Mallorca with Vincent Biekman, with whom she is already eleven years together. “It is such a proud feeling,” said the father of the bride, for the camera of the ANP. “My first child married. That is so emotional.”

The newly minted couple Iris van den Ende and Vincent Biekman posing in Port de Soller. The daughter of Joop and Janine van den Ende held her wedding on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Joop had an important task at the ceremony: he gave the bride away. “In the beginning I thought: fun. But when I walked with her, and she looks really sweet, I had such tears, I was so emotional. Everyone around us pinkte a little tear away, it was a wonderful moment.” According to the 76-year-old musicalmagnaat is it a cliché to say that as a father he is emotionally for your daughter to give away, but it is one hundred percent true.

Chantal Janzen and her husband Marco Geeratz in Port de Soller during the wedding of Iris van den Ende and Vincent Biekman.

Also Makes woman to enjoy the fun of the wedding day. “This day is great. That is, started the ceremony, which is to 16.30 hours started. As the mother of the bride, I was very close to his. So first breakfast on our terrace and then the nails, hair and make-up. That was very, very special.”


The bride can count on two proud parents. “I find her very beautiful, but what is especially important: she is very sweet”, says Janine. “We are here with a group of people from both families and it’s just like a big family, while we each other not so well know. That really has to do with her and the bonding of her with her Vincent. They are the basis of and that is very special.”

Joop is even “double pride” now he has friends and relatives Iris in their speeches have praised as a friendly and empathic. “We have tried her. If you as parents to hear, do you think you’re double proud of it.”

Sweet memories

The musicalmagnaat dropped his brand new son-in-law even sweating when he has to Iris’ hand early. “He came up with an excuse about her birthday that it would come. He had a gift and that I had to first extract. There came a bruidspaartje out, then I felt it. I thought: I’m going to let him sweat, I go to think and take the time. But he did it so likable that I is a resounding ’yes,’ he said.”

Antje Monteiro with her friend Dennis van Tamelen in Port de Soller during the wedding of Iris van den Ende and Vincent Biekman.

Also, Janine saw a marriage between Iris and Vincent soon sit. “I was yes to kinks”, she remembers. “I happened to be at home and listened. I am very happy with him as a son-in-law.” “Yes, but he asked me,” remembers Joop and his wife.

Joop and Janine got married in Mallorca in september thirty years ago. “Come again, sweet memories back. I can still remember,” says Janine. “The entire stage to our marriage and the intimacy on the day itself. That is also here and that feels very good.”

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