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Dub for Tomorrowland

77abf6a7ed16de9c65cf7ad5af05a88f - Dub for Tomorrowland

Those who had a small half a century ago, when King Tubby in Jamaica stoemelings dub created, might think the music today, great masses of Europeans would incite a moshpit to form?

It was a blessed sight from the terraces of the old Groentheater, the wobbelende audience in the dust that it did itself controversial. Not aware clashing and pushing, but rather in a kind of tribal dance, in this case on the technodubritmes of a French DJ.

He smukt his tunes with shreds of Jamaican vocals and musical samples from all over the world. A flashy light show gives him the countenance of one or other of the wizard, angrily in the back with pads and buttons. This is the Tomorrowlandvariant of the music in the Dub Forest, where we this day had started. There stood everyone with the face to the imposing luidsprekertoren, the star of every authentic dub event.

At the Green Stage looked everyone to the DJ, such as that in dance the habit. It is a difference with a high symbolic content, between the roots of Jamaican dub, in essence, reggae, and electronic beats of a style in which only the typical tegentijd is preserved. And the all-pervasive bass of course, the backbone of âlle good dub.

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