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Dries Mertens: ‘I want to score because I make my friends a free tv gun

The atmosphere is exuberant with the Red Devils, the group is full of confidence and that makes for juicy quotes during the events in Dedovsk. “We should have the greatest possible score in this world cup, because then my friends all a free television,” joked Dries Mertens Saturday.

The striker of Napoli referred to an action of a Belgian electronics giant, which for the world cup is a special action launched. If the Red Devils more than fifteen goals scored at the world cup, they will pay the purchased equipment back. ‘And all my friends have a tv bought. There, I think so, to be on the field (laughs). I give them all a free tv.” With nine goals in the group stage, the Red Devils are already well on the way, no other country did better.

It is all exemplary for the good atmosphere in the selection. “The atmosphere has always been good, but now we continue to win and that is great. Now there is more belief and confidence than in the past. Against England we played with a B-team and we are proud of what the players on the field have been able to show. That was beautiful.’

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