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Crypto-jacking has increased, according to McAfee to 629%

df817d654e72f928e109b4fc8bb2ee34 - Crypto-jacking has increased, according to McAfee to 629%

According to the Cyber-security company McAfee crypto-jacking rose in the first quarter of 2018, around 629%. Thousands of websites worldwide have been digging for victims of the Malware, which aims on the hacked devices crypto-currencies for the Hacker.

The Malware was found in the first quarter of this year, 2.9 million units, compared with 400,000 of the affected devices in Q4 2017.

The report said:

“These Figures confirm that cyber criminals are now often limited to infected devices for mining, and to require instead, as so often, Ransomware is a form of money for the decryption of a device. Compared with the data of theft or Ransomware crypto-jacking is also easier, less complicated and less risky.“

This makes it clear that hackers require of Ransomware Malware for the Blockchain industry. CoinMiner, or CoinMiner FOZU dig of devices affected by the executable Infect user files, the Insertion of Coinhive-JavaScript in HTML-files, and Block the domains of security products to stop signature Updates.

The report also stated:

“The goal of the perpetrator is, the criminal activity has led to be quickly paid. Other important points are the speed of the attack, to be the number of the involved funds, men, and the risk of be discovered as low as possible.“

The following graph from McAfee shows the different Coin Miner Malware types:

Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer at McAfee, said:

“Cyber criminals are turning to activities that maximize their profits. In the last few quarters, we have found that many of the cyber focus of criminals to more, in the meantime, for more on Ransomware and less on data diebtstahl, since the latter is a more efficient activity. With the increase in the price of Crypto-also the theft, as well as the crypto-jacking of this popular currency.“

Possibly you have already become a victim of crypto-jacking, if your Computer is exploring secretly Cryptocurrencies.

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