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Community tensions over broadcast of the Red Devils on the big screen

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The opposition in Sint-Genesius-Rode, regrets that the Red Devils match against England on the big screen only in French was broadcast. ‘While there was agreed to the first half in English, and the second in French.’ According to the organization, went to a technical defect.

In municipalities with linguistic facilities such as Sint-Genesius-Rode should the city council communication in the public space is always drafting in Dutch and French, with priority for the Dutch. However, municipal councillors of the opposition the last time determined that this rule is not followed everywhere.

It fell a council member on that above the door of the entrance of the cafeteria of the swimming pool is the inscription ‘Welcome’ in place of ‘Welcome’ can be read. Marijke Cortvriendt (N-VA) discovered, in turn, is a breach in the new children’s playground in the centre of the municipality: ‘On a bedankbordje for the local chapter of the Rotary Club are the inscriptions, first in French and then in English.’

In several Dutch Rodenaren there was, however, mainly annoyance about the broadcast of the match of the Red Devils against Tunisia, last Saturday in the park Novarode. Organizer Aper(h)odde will work together with the municipality, which means that the legislation is applicable. So was the appointment to do the first half in English and the second half in the French broadcast on the big screen. Only was the match only in French to follow.

‘Several people have me addressed,” said councillor Ludo Becker (N-VA), who was not present. Ships Miguel Delacroix (IC GB) acknowledged that the appointment was not followed. ‘The first half in English, second in French. During the first match of the Belgians is also gone, but that rule was not applied during the second race. Several people have me on this call and I am on the spot gone. It was a mistake, the rules have to be respected.’

In organizer Aper(h)ode is aware of a technical problem: “The municipality has given us the comment made. We have explained that it is a technical problem went, so it was not possible to change the channel. We have us excused.’

The organization has very few good words about the opposition. “They appreciate us not, and our organization, despite the fact that we have the agreements and instructions of the city council respect.’

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