Comes Hollywood’s first fat superhero?

9c4e8b6560ba17191bbdef086ae66b2c - Comes Hollywood's first fat superhero?

Until recently were all heroes in muscular men, but there is still more change in. Sony also takes its share in the politically correct countering the stereotypes and is according to American media with a plus size hero.

Things change in Hollywood. So was Black Panther with lead actor Chadwick Boseman is the first film with an almost full cast with people of color

It would go to the character’s Faith Herbert, a series of publisher Valiant Comics, a nerd of comics and science fiction loves and telekinetic powers. Sony Pictures would have plans to on the basis of this character to make a film. This gives Hollywood its first female fat superhero.

Things change in the film and tv industry was also evident in the success of Black Panther in the beginning of this year, the first film in which the cast almost entirely out of black people exists, and the series Pose by Ryan Murphy, with the largest transgendercast ever.

According to Deadline, ’marks Faith a step forward to heroes more inclusive, instead of that the men are always muscular and the women are slim’. However, they are still not completely sure. “Faith is not thin. Unless they have re-signed…”

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