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Blackwave: Sherlockhoedje with swag

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Ok, we have to first talk about the outfits of both frontmannen. Which were assorted, such as that in the clean Flemish is called. Jay Walker was wearing a beige-and-red plaid onesie with matching Sherlock Holmes hat. Willem Ardui wore a pair of pants in the same print, a white shirt and a fanny pack to the shoulder. Thus, you score points in the hipsterklassement, and this cool homeboys came away with it too.

But just like the rest of the public audience were, of course, we mostly have to wait on a portion of sensual urban vibes (the issue of this second, sweltering Couleur Café-day). That we got. Frankly, we did nothing else expected. Because since we have the men’s the Trix-club saw package last fall, we knew that Blackwave was ready for bigger stages.

The best proof of this was perhaps that they have the courage in asserting to open with their biggest hit ‘Big dreams’. That is, confident that the rest of your material is strong enough to support the rest of the set to fill. Or that was the case? Blackwave had a horn section, and a band that now jazz, funk, and soul injected into the songs.
So yes.

The two frontmannen have been enough métier built up to the audience to get them, and even to instruct them in what point of the show them on their Insta-story had to convert. As well as a second kostuumwissel in the show process: suddenly appeared Will and Jay in the white-and-orange overalls, who do not look out of place had in ‘Moonraker’, that spacy bond movie.

But we go astray. Around us were the people in the meantime to dance. Then you know that it is a good opener, it was Blackwave.

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