Bella Hadid: “I’m not with Drake”

3b36e90c776732eb9c2bc77142c26595 - Bella Hadid: "I'm not with Drake"

Bella Hadid is not the woman where Drake about rapping on his new album. That makes it clearly after there has been speculation that she is with Drake to bed would have been.

Bella Hadid

Fans of Drakes new track Finesse of his album Scorpion tried to guess who he was talking about the rules: ’I Will New York do? I can’t decide. Fashion week is more your thing than mine’ and ’You and your sister. Too hot to handle’.

Soon it was Bella Hadid ’suspect’ number 1, and the rumour went throughout the internet. But they speak vehemently against it on Twitter. “I am not!!! That is disrespectful. Why can’t people be friends? Without all the innuendo.”

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