Bear with burned paws rescued from wildfire

47728a91dc3b984621d629d421ca8ff6 - Bear with burned paws rescued from wildfire

Denver – The fire department in the U.s. state of Colorado is day and night busy with extinguishing the large forest fires in the area. The heroes of the fire brigade Friday, a berenjong rescued from the area where the fires rage.

Foresters and firefighters found the couple-month-old bear to a tree. The young had a few days without a mother by the ruins of the area walked, so his legs were bandaged. May the mother of her young, first brought to safety, after which they themselves fled before the fire. Reports RTL News.

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The animal was sedated and transferred to the shelter, where his legs are treated. “When the bear was brought in, I was not overtuigddat they would save,” says an employee of the animal rescue. The young boar is responding good to the treatment. In addition to the burns on his legs, the bear healthy.

Colorado Parks and Wildfire shared photos from the wounded bear on their Facebook page.

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