Awakenings Festival global event

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For the eighteenth time is just in the Houtrakpolder the Awakenings Festival started. In the course of the years, this has developed from a small party for about ten thousand fans to the world’s most iconic technofestijn.

Techno-dj Carl Cox

Divided over two days in Spaarnwoude this weekend eighty thousand technofans from all over the world together. They come for performances of great artists such as Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and Jeff Mills.

The festival starts, however, with local names. This group is mainly the action that Dimitri and Remy together provide significant. The two have known each other since the early days of the house when they both dj at the Roxy -the legendary nightclub in Amsterdam in 1999 burned down– were linked. In all those years, was never of a joint action. To Awakenings in april last year, the 20-year anniversary fourth and the two veterans for the first time, they they were. This year they do this again.


Techno is a movement within the dance, which for many years as a underground was labeled. That time seems to be over. On the biggest festivals in the world have the toppers from this niche is now a place for themselves on the main stage and who turn on the radio, runs today the chance to during the day unadulterated techno to hear.

However, it is a music style that is what listening skills of her audience asks. It is fast, repetitive and heavy. Hence, a lot of visitors who for the first time a charge dance party or festival, visit the technotent often ignored. Once a lover is, is this also at all. So has the techno, in the slipstream of the more popular dancestromingen, can grow out to an important phenomenon. The Awakenings Festival is the annual global event.

Today, in addition to the previously mentioned three also performances of, for example, Len Faki, Ame and Maceo Plex on the program. The Telegraph is there for the whole weekend and do report.

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