Atonement Marine and Jean-Marie Le Pen

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PARIS – The French political family, Le Pen has reconciled to the birthday celebration of paterfamilias Jean-Marie. He was recently ninety become. According to French media have his daughters Marine and Marie-Caroline an invitation is accepted for a large verjaarsfeest, Saturday evening, where hundreds of attendees are expected.

Jean-Marie Le Pen is the founder of the radical right National Front. His daughter Marine took over in 2011 and hit since then with her father embroiled in a familievete over the course of the party. Where Jean-Marie stayed in the far right and very conservative circles, wants to Navy the party into a populist party. In 2015 put Navy her father out of the party. Are erevoorzitterschap he was allowed to keep, as certain of the French court of appeal earlier this year.

Marine Le Pen goes as far right when it comes to immigration and security, but far left on economic themes. Under her leadership, the party at the beginning of this month re-branded Front National Rassemblement National (National co-operation).

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