Assistant Manafort gave FBI access to evidence

e1f2a4fbed2f410d619fb6b78c2eb81b - Assistant Manafort gave FBI access to evidence

ALEXANDRIA – A personal assistant of Paul Manafort, the FBI has granted access to a opslagkluisje in which evidence was that the former campaigner of president Donald Trump tried to hide. That told the witness during a hearing of the federal court in the U.s. state of Virginia.

Paul Manafort, a former campaign manager of Trump arrives at the federal court.

The court has not yet decided on the evidence, but alluded there Friday. The lawyers of Manafort have asked for this evidence and previous findings from searches not. This to the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to Russian interference in the American presidential elections more difficult.

The research of Mueller focuses on the question of whether the campaign team of Trump in 2016 with Russia has worked for the American elections to influence.

Manafort, who is currently imprisoned, is indicted for financial crimes that are not related to the campaign. Mueller hopes that Manafort provides information about the Russian interference. In exchange for this, he can sentence remissions to meet.

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