America protest against migration policy of Trump

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Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday in Washington for the White House to their feelings to express about the migration policy of president Trump. Especially the separation of children and their parents to the Mexican border and the plans to be militarily organised reception camps to set up can on little understanding arithmetic.

The protest in Washington is not the only one. On the whole American continent flows today a wave of protest against the strict migration policy of Donald Trump and his White House. Religious leaders and activists call the Trump-administration on foreigners to better welcome and families together.

‘It goes against everything we as a country stand for, ” says a 27-year-old protester at the news agency Reuters.

According to the American president is illegal migration is a breeding ground for crime, and in may he announced a zero-tolerance policy for all migrants who illegally enter the country. By that measure, more than 2,000 children separated from their parents. That hard measure missed its effect not on the public outcry: even Republican supporters of the president kantten against the separation of families.

It happens but rarely that Trump is considering a measure where his conservative base happy, but on 20 June, the president that families now together should be held.

In Washington, according to the organizers 30,000 people on the street come. Also in other large American cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago were thousands of demonstrators counted.

Biggest pro-migratieprotest in Washington

The peaceful demonstration seems to be one of the largest pro-migratieprotesten in the capital since 2010, when activists put pressure on then-president Obama and the U.s. congress to the migration system reform.

Since Trumps to take office in 2017, there are significantly more people were arrested on suspicion of being illegally in the country. Trump administration is also much more reluctant to familievisums to reach out.

President Trump, today, not in Washington but in one of his golf clubs in New Jersey, voiced on Twitter criticized the Democrats who have urged a reform of ICE, the government agency that the American migratiewetten maintains. ‘I myself have seen how ICE villages and towns liberated from the grip of criminal gangs, ” said the president.

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